My Regular Colds and Stress Fix

Stress comes in so many ways and sometimes with a bad case of colds.  Instead of just relying on over-the-counter medicine my regular go to solution is to drink lots of warm ginger tea and watch my favorite drama series.

images: pixabay and kbs

This is not your regular ginger tea.  It is laced with cinnamon, honey and lemon juice. I posted my own recipe and how to do it in a previous post.   It is so simple to prepare and very effective in treating colds, cough and sore throat.  It is different from most medicinal teas out there.   The cinnamon removes the pungent smell and  adding the honey with the lemon juice balances out the strong taste of ginger.  Every single ingredient in every cup of this cinnamon ginger tea would not only make you feel better but would also repair some of the damages inside the body.

Drinking tea is just one way to combat the colds and stress but without resting your body the problem will just crop up every now and then.  Give your mind and body time to recuperate.  Staying at home and watching one of my favorite drama series such as Moonlight Drawn By Clouds aka Love in the Moonlight relaxes me.   Why not give it a try to see if this can be your regular colds and stress fix as well.



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