Goblin’s OST Beautiful Life Reminds Me To Be Thankful

When something hits you so hard you are reminded that life isn’t fair.  Sometimes or most of the time it hurts like hell.  Hurts so much that you want to give up but I am a person who does not want to play victim. I refuse to play victim.  Whining about it will not in any way level the playing the field.


However, it is best that sometimes you let it out.  It is never a weakness to show vulnerability.  Then after the whining and ranting you step up.  If you cannot do something about it then let go and do something that is within your grasp.  Do not be a prisoner of something that you cannot change. Instead focus on things that you can immediately change and work from there.

One of the things that can help you process things is music.  It encourages me to do better.  Goblin’s OST specifically ‘Beautiful Life’ by Crush helped me a lot in realizing that there are more things to be thankful for.  It’s in Korean but that one line in English – “Beautiful Life” was enough for me to get the message.

Life may sometimes be hard but it is indeed beautiful.  You just need to focus on pushing forward and on seeing the beauty of everyday things.  Life is about choices.  Choose to be happy.

image: pinterest


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