#9 Bucket List: Stuff Myself with Palm Sized Oysters in Japan

Fresh, steamed, boiled, grilled, baked, it does not matter I love oysters.  The bigger they are the better for me.  When I heard of Giant Oysters or Palm-Sized Oysters I thought my friends were exaggerating until I saw the pictures and the videos.  The problem is that they are hard to find anywhere near me and for that reason it occupied the 9th place on my Bucket List.


image: Aden

From googling I found that these huge oysters are easily accessible in Japan.  Instead of going to an expensive Oyster Bar one can go directly at street food stalls and eat there as much as you want.  It’s a good excuse to visit a friend in Tokyo.  I guess when the right moment comes I better make sure my tummy is ready for it.



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