Year of the Rooster: Love and Luck this 2017

Kung Hei Fat Choi!


My grandfather on my Dad’s side is half Chinese but our family as far as I can remember never really celebrated Chinese New Year at home. It is probably because he died before Dad married my Mom so no Chinese traditions were passed on to us.  However, we do have many Chinese friends and so we are aware of how huge this thing is for them. I would remember the traditional dragon dance would be performed in front of our home courtesy of these friends.  Growing up I knew that during this time some people are into getting their fortunes told according to their zodiac signs.


So here we go for the Year of the Rooster! These are the basics:

According to their Chinese calendar it is the 10th year in 12th year cycle of the zodiac signs. It would mean that this Year of the Rooster is for those that are born in the following dates:

• Feb.8,1921 – Jan.27,1922
• Jan.26,1933 – Feb.13,1934
• Feb.13,1945 – Feb.1,1946
• Jan.31,1957 – Feb.17,1958
• Feb.17,1969 – Feb.5,1970
• Feb.5,1981 – Jan.24,1982
• Jan.23,1993 – Feb.9,1994
• Feb.9,2005 – Jan.28,2006
• Jan.28,2017 – Feb.15,2018
• Feb.13,2029-Feb.2,2030
• Mar.1,2041 – Jan.21,2042
• Feb.19,2053 – Feb.7,2054

Before you read further, please take the following with a grain of salt and do not take it seriously as if your life choices are dependent on them. There is no guarantee that they are true.

The general characteristics of Roosters are honest, social and ambitious. Most of them are likely to dress up and are visually pleasant to look at. They can be very self-reliant but can also be very impulsive. Lucky numbers are 5, 7 and 8 and the unlucky numbers that should be avoided are 1, 3, and 9. Roosters’ lucky colors are mostly on the hues of yellow, gold and brown. The flowers cockscomb and gladiola would bring harmony. Traveling to the west, southwest and northeast are recommended while avoiding the east and north directions would be best.

On meeting soulmates this year, Roosters should be most compatible with those born in the year of the Ox and Snake. It is believed that a lasting and peaceful marriage will be obtained when paired with them. To avoid heartaches and lots of squabbles it is best to avoid people who are born in the year of Dog, Horse, Rabbit, Rat and Rooster.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 

Images: tpsdave/Pixabay


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