#10 of my Bucket List: Exploring Egypt

Back then it was called “wishes or dreams when you grow up”. As you grow older it is called your “Bucket List”. I got a long list but I thought of just writing my top 10. This list includes my personal goals and things that I want to experience before I die. Some of them I want to do on my own but most of them I’ve dreamed and planned with my family in mind. If given the right resources and opportunity I will do them as soon as possible.

#10 Exploring Egypt


Whenever I visit public and private libraries I would always be pulled into archaeological coffee table books. Egypt would be the number one subject in most of them. If not the Pyramids of Giza, it would be the Great Sphinx at Giza that would be on the cover. It is quite funny though that I’d like to visit these historical sites since I am not a bit fond of looking at look old pictures. Blame the horror films that would always use those faded and vintage black and white photos.


Anyway, my fascination towards discovering its mystery on why they were built continues up to this day. I’ve read so many facts and fiction about them that I’d really like to see them in person. I guess most people share my fascination since it is one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. The only problem with this dream is if I will be up to the tiring journey riding a camel in the desert. It would be a great experience though but I prefer riding a four-wheel drive.

Photos: Nadine Doerle/Pixabay


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