Tips in Rearranging Your Living Room Post-Christmas Season

The living room can look depressing and quite bare after removing the Christmas décor. Gone are the bright red, green and sparkling gold. The extra space gives a melancholy feeling and nobody wants that. Since Christmas is my favorite season, I hate the feeling when it’s over.


Buying new things could provide an immediate solution. Who in the world would be crazy as to say no to furniture shopping? However, you can do it by not spending a single cent or not hahaha but there is no need to spend lavishly. The best thing to do is to rearrange the furniture and throw a bit of color everywhere.


Here are more tips that can be helpful:

• Moving your furniture around can do wonders. Put your table on a different side of the room or use a different corner.

• Get your coffee table books from the bookshelves and place them on the table. Put a candle or two in the center either inside a glass or a jar.

• Mix and match your throw pillow cases. It does not hurt to experiment until you find the perfect color scheme to match your mood.

• Add plants to make your space more alive and fresh. You can also use artificial plants if maintenance would be a problem. It can be tacky for some but if you choose something that looks real most people wouldn’t know the difference.

Photos: Pixabay


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