2NE1 and Their Last Goodbye

May 17, 2009 is a special date for me since it is when we all first saw 2NE1 on TV. If you are following Korean music or K-Pop you already know what this is all about. Today at 00:00 Blackjacks (2Ne1 fandom’s name) were treated to a parting gift. Their last song music video was posted at You Tube. They were disbanded last November 25, 2016 due to several reasons but mostly as YG (2Ne1’s agency CEO) said during an interview due to giving importance to Park Bom’s health issues.


The song and the MV was for me the perfect last song for the fans. Although I hate that it was to be their last song I am extremely happy and grateful that they gave us something before they pursue on their separate careers. The hashtag #NeverSayGOODBYE2NE1 even trended worldwide. It would have occupied the top list but it coincided with Trump’s Inaugural.

The disbandment was a messed up affair creating so much discord in the fandom although fans were never united in the first place.  Bitterness, jealousy and hatred reigned even up to their final song. It’s sad really when you see fans claiming to love the group but continue to hate a member or two. I tried understanding the hate but could not. I just learned to tolerate it. I guess some people would rather enjoy imbibing negativity rather than focus on the positive side of everything. It’s as if they knew everything that happened to the girls, on what they feel and what they think. It is heartbreaking to see that even if the girls themselves openly care for one another some of the fans continue to bicker. Then I realized that in this world there are people who prefer to be unhappy so in the end instead of being angry I just feel sorry for them.

To Sandara Park, Park Bom and Lee Chaerin thank you for the song. I don’t want to say goodbye but I’d rather say until we meet again.


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