Pamper Your Feet with Fish Spa


Getting a foot spa would mean scrubbing dried and dead skin off your feet. A pampering service most women prefer to have whenever it is possible. When I last visited the Ocean Park it was one of the side attractions and they call it Fish Spa. After walking for quite some time I grabbed the opportunity to have my feet pampered.

It was supposed to be a relaxing activity having your feet under the water for about 20 minutes. A bunch of small fishes would pull out all the dead skin by nibbling them from the feet. It seemed a bit unnerving at first since you cannot control them.

For a little while it was enjoyable since you cannot feel anything unless you’re ticklish. However when there were bigger fishes it became intolerable. Yes, there were quite a few of those in there. It’s no longer nibbling but biting.  Nobody really complained so it is probably just me.  Maybe I am just a little bit more sensitive than others but they could have removed the bigger ones.  Can’t blame them though, with so many people that come in and go at the Ocean Park, those little fishes probably ate so much dead skin that they grew bigger without the Fish Spa crew noticing.


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