Storing DIY Christmas Jars or Lanterns

image: homedepot

Our Christmas tree and the rest of the festive decorations are still up. No one is volunteering to take them down. Since I am the one in the family who  love to bring them all out every year obviously its my duty to bring them back to the storage room. Its not that I alone would do the packing but its more on I need to be the one to jump start the whole storing process.


It’s ironic that last year I was so eager to put my hands on them and now I do not even want to look at them.  I’m dreading the day we start cleaning up.  While looking around and preparing the boxes,  I saw my DIY Christmas Lanterns that we never got to use during the holiday season.  It’s quite frustrating since I allocated so much time making them last December. Anyway, the positive thing about this is that we will have new ones next Christmas provided that they would be stored properly.

When storing seasonal objects it is advisable that proper sizes of boxes are used. Never make the mistake of letting them squash each other. Not only will it distort the shapes but colors may dissolve and get mixed into other objects when pressed together for a long time.


For instance, when storing Christmas Jars or Lanterns invest on containers that will have enough space for different compartments so that each of them would fit snugly to avoid breaking and jostling.  It has to be tightly sealed so that they would be free from dust. You may also want to use a storage bag or container that has built in wheels for easy handling just in case there is no one to help you carry them.  Labeling each box is equally important. It will save you time each year instead of opening everything up.  Taking a photo of what’s inside each container and transferring the images to your hard drive is another best way of planning your decor next year.


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