Rediscovering My Crafty Side


Crafting is one of my favorite things to do.  A couple of years ago I even joined some fairs just to try if my products would take off in the market.  Unfortunately, due to lack of experience I had a hard time along with my sisters in continuing with the small business. Extremely unlucky also that we get to encounter unsavory people at local government offices to help with permits and all.  To sum it up, we decided to close shop. It was stressful.  I also stopped creating anything except during Christmas season.

The first week of December last year I rediscover my love for crafts when I saw My Cuttle Bug.  This tool is one of my favorite crafting tools out there.  It was given to me by my sister who is a crafter par excellence.   Easy to use and maintain.  No need for electricity for it to function.  So here I am experimenting again with colored card stocks embossing them with beautiful designs to make little party favor bags.  I will post my finished products as soon as I’m done with them.   Enjoy Crafting!


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