Mercy The Coyote Series by Patricia Briggs


Urban Fantasy books with Vampires, Witches and Werewolves as the main protagonist of the story are abundant. A year ago, my sister introduced to me an unlikely heroin that is different from other species, a Coyote. The specie itself does not project anything sexy or alluring or anything remotely close to how Werewolves are popularly described in other Urban Fantasy books so I cannot really imagine how it will work out. However, my sister said Patricia Briggs, the author created such a wonderful relatable character that would change anyone’s perspective on Coyotes. She was definitely right. I was bewitched. It was marathon reading for me.

Her name is Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson.

A walker who can turn herself into a Coyote at will.

Raised by The Marrok of Werewolves.

A Volkswagen mechanic.

Her boss and mentor is a powerful Fae.

Her next door neighbor is the local Alpha Werewolf.

Her current client is a vampire.

Add that all up and you have one bumpy, enthralling, gripping saga.  I love the premise of the story but would not want to be living in the same neighborhood unless I have extremely powerful magical powers.  If you want your story spiced up with romance you won’t be disappointed.  There’s plenty and more.  One word for you: Adam!

See for yourself by reading a sample chapter from Moon Called, the first book of the series.

image ©PatriciaBriggs


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