Home Remedy: Ginger Cinnamon Tea


Drinking tea these days is a common occurrence in most homes.   While I still prefer a cup of coffee specifically Iced Latte Macchiato I am beginning to love Ginger Cinnamon Tea . I used to just depend in over-the-counter medicines whenever I treat colds, sore throat and flu.  They are effective but I easily get dehydrated. Someone told me that drinking ginger lemon tea would help me feel better.  When I run out of lemons I started to mix things up with ingredients I found in the house but not before researching them online.


Since I love to bake Cinnamon is a staple ingredient in our kitchen.  I love sprinkling my regular coffee with it and so I thought that the amazing scent of the cinnamon would masked the pungent smell of the ginger.   When I looked it up online I did not only discover that it goes well with ginger tea but it has several amazing health benefits.  The more I read about it the more I like it.


Most of us use cinnamon as a spice or condiment because of its aromatic properties not knowing that it can be medicinal as well.   Surprisingly, it does not only help in treating colds, cough and sore throat but it also has components to help in controlling blood sugar, building stronger bones, reducing triglyceride and cholesterol, offering relief on migraine, bloating and other irritable bowel syndrome.  It is also an anti-oxidant so it basically help in repairing damages on skin and organs.

You can easily find ginger tea packets in most supermarkets but if you cannot find any you can easily make one at home. It’s either you use the ginger powder or make it from scratch.  A teaspoon of ginger powder in one pitcher filled with hot water can go a long way.   You can either mix a half a teaspoon of cinnamon directly to the mixture or just sprinkle your cup with it.  Lightly sweetened it with honey but if there’s none then use plain granulated sugar.

When I’m sick I prefer a warm drink but when I’m not I use cold water.  Just make sure you dissolve the ginger powder with hot water first.

images: ©pixabay


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