The Walking Dead Binge Watching


Tragic and Horrific are two words that I do not like in my movies or dramas.  I am a sucker for happy endings although I am not so much into Disney stuff.  So it is quite strange that I fell in love with this TV series zombies and all. It is probably because I find everything about Rick Grimes appealing.  Each time the series go on a break I go back to the the past seasons binge-watching my favorite episodes.   Yes, I am a complete and unapologetic TWD avid viewer.

Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln is very admirable.  He would do everything to protect his family especially in the zombie apocalypse world they live in.   Not everyone can be considerate of others when faced with extreme difficulties.  His choices were not all perfect.  He made decisions that turned out to be huge mistakes but if I get to choose to be with someone when the world is infected with the zombie virus it would be him.  Abraham was right when he wrote down in Season 3:


Pinpointing a specific favorite season is one thing I cannot do.  No TWD fan will able to forget Season 1 but I always go back to episodes from Season 3 to Season 5.   It was exciting to see them break into the prison and get the much needed rest from the running and hiding.  When the “Governor” entered the picture I was a little disappointed since they started to have episodes without Rick and for me if there is no Rick in it, I call them filler episodes.   The team’s journey to Terminus was quite shocking and at the same time engaging.  There are scenes I will never forget and continue to wonder if I’ll be making the same choices if I were in the shoes of some of the characters.  You just never know what to prioritize anymore and sometimes I guess you just have to “Look at the flowers”.

Spoiler Alert!  Don’t go beyond this…you have been warned. Don’t blame me!

One more month and we will all know how Team Rick will get their revenge on the deaths of Abe and Glenn.  I hope by next season Negan and his Lucille will be long gone.  Spoilers have been floating around and it seems that another major character is about to die.  If you are curious about it, google who is now the new Lieutenant Commander of the USS Discovery in the Star Trek TV series.  I do not think she will be able to do both series at the same time.  Yes, she’s going to the Final Frontier.

000 twd final frontier.jpg


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