Food Videos Curbed My Cravings


That title would probably have your eyebrows skyrocketing right now.  Honestly, I never thought that would happen to me.   It is quite weird I know especially if you get to watch your favorite mouthwatering dishes on your screen.  Believe me, it can happen to you as well.

I am a good eater.  I probably can eat anything under the sun except for exotic food (you know those kind of meat that you do not find in most supermarkets) or squash, which I can eat but I do not specifically like the taste.  We all had our cravings especially during midnight or early morning when it is not possible to acquire any of it right?

It all started when I tried to outsmart my cravings by going to You Tube and look for interesting dramas or music collaborations just to tire my eyes out and go back to sleep again.  Accidentally, I clicked on some street food being sold in London market fairs.  At first, I was amazed on how they prepare the food, then after awhile I forgot my cravings.  I got hooked by those videos and each time I craved for something I look for these type of videos online.  It solved my problem.

Ordinarily, these videos would probably whet your appetite more but maybe because I knew that there is no way that I’ll get to them because they are being sold in another country or continent the effect was the other way around. I was able to train myself in accepting that the closest I’ll ever get to them is just by watching them on my screen.  Try it for yourself and maybe, just maybe you will experience the same effect.  One more good thing about it is that there is no need to create havoc on your diet or your savings.  Good luck!


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